COVID - 19

I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is at the moment and you will all be facing your own individual problems and concerns surrounding these times of uncertainty. I just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know how we intend to help where we can. Thank you to those who have already been in touch and we will be contacting you on an individual basis moving forward.


During this period of uncertainty we would like reassure our couples that we will work with you as best we can to ensure whatever happens we deliver the service you have entrusted in us!  Here is a simple outline of how we intend to do this.

*Wedding Invitations already received*

If you have already received your full Invitation order and have now had to reschedule to a different date we will be offering you 

FREE postponed/rescheduled cards 

These will be an A6 postcard style.   I will do my best to use the card stock we used for your invites to keep some consistency and font style if we can.   You will receive a screenshot proof to check prior to printing taking place.

These will be for those who have already received their order and whose wedding is still yet to take place, either to a known revised date, 

or a date that will be confirmed as soon as possible. I have set up a temporary studio at home. I have my printer at home. My laptop at home. All card stock that I felt could be useful. As many C6 envelopes as I had in stock. My plan is to print as many Rescheduled Date cards as I can. As mentioned above these will be FREE of charge to all those who received their Invitations and have had to postpone their date. 

The only thing I ask is that if we go into lock down I may need you to cover postage costs! Providing the postal service remains open. 

I will supply as many envelopes as I can per order, but there may not be enough to provide one per card. 

My supplier has temporarily closed and I can only work with what I have. I will help as much as I can and I know you will only order the quantity that you really need. Thank you to those who have already been in touch.

IF THIS IS YOU - Please email me back with names, new date, preferred card stock (ivory/white/brown) and quantity required. 

 If you do not need envelopes or will only require a few for those you wish to post out, please let me know, as I only have so many in stock. Thank you x

*Wedding Invitations not yet produced*

If you are due to receive your Invitations and you have a production slot booked for the near future 

please let us know if you wish to postpone and/or amend your production slot until you have organised your new date. 

Please do this as soon as possible and before the production slot arrives. We will transfer all deposits paid to your new date.

*Wedding Day Stationery* 

In the event that you unfortunately have had to postpone and/or rearrange your wedding date 

we will transfer any deposits already received to a new production date in line with the new rearranged wedding date.


If you are having to cancel your wedding day in its entirety our usual terms and conditions will apply with regards to deposits paid.

I am sure you can all imagine how difficult it is going to be as a small independent business to keep afloat. 

 We will have no income for the foreseeable future and the government have still not offered any help as yet, 

but we are hopeful this may come!

We can assure you that after over 13 years working within the Wedding Industry we will not give up easily. 

 Feeling very emotional right now. We have cried together but we will also get through this together!

Much love as always and hopefully I will be back stronger and with lots of new and exciting designs when this is all over!

Love J @ SilverB xxx

If you have any questions or concerns please email. 

Lots of luck to you all and take care xx